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Baby it’s cold outside.

Well from what I know, I'm still growing a human! My ultrasound will be the week of April 24th so still some time to wait to hear a heartbeat from Squish. Tomorrow I will be 6 weeks. Still no nausea... Continue Reading →


Yep, it's exactly what it sounds like. We are pregnant! Yes we, I didn't do this on my own. I wanted to make sure a blog post accompanied our announcement because we both know how early it is to be... Continue Reading →

Thanks, Coach.

Well hey there! It's been longer than I would have liked since my last post, someone has been hogging the computer ahem, husband. Also, Gimli just had to have emergency surgery in the very early morning yesterday so that took... Continue Reading →


*WARNING, THIS POST MAY CONTAIN TRIGGERS* When I say eating disorders, what do you think of? Do you automatically turn to the image of a skeletal woman refusing to eat? Do you assume that eating disorders are all black and... Continue Reading →

Oh baby!

NO IM NOT PREGNANT. But lets talk about that for a moment shall we? When you get married it isn't long after that you start to hear questions about babies or at least if you show up to a baby... Continue Reading →

Short and sweet. 

Sometimes I have lots to say but sometimes things are said so simply and perfectly that they don't need to be added to.  I have experienced this throughout my life and as I get older I realize how much better... Continue Reading →

Honest to God.

The idea I had for this blog is kind of two ideas into one so I apologize if it comes out somewhat jumbled. I wanted to talk about the things we don't say to people and I also wanted to... Continue Reading →


Today I was an idiot. I mean I do stupid shit all the time but today I made a moronic decision that helped me in no way, if anything it ruined some progress. Today I stepped on the scale, again.... Continue Reading →


Well I figured it was about time to not just talk about body positivity and self-love but to share what MY self love process entails. It has been an extended road with a lot of bumps to get where I... Continue Reading →

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