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Short and sweet. 

Sometimes I have lots to say but sometimes things are said so simply and perfectly that they don't need to be added to.  I have experienced this throughout my life and as I get older I realize how much better... Continue Reading →

Honest to God.

The idea I had for this blog is kind of two ideas into one so I apologize if it comes out somewhat jumbled. I wanted to talk about the things we don't say to people and I also wanted to... Continue Reading →


Today I was an idiot. I mean I do stupid shit all the time but today I made a moronic decision that helped me in no way, if anything it ruined some progress. Today I stepped on the scale, again.... Continue Reading →


Well I figured it was about time to not just talk about body positivity and self-love but to share what MY self love process entails. It has been an extended road with a lot of bumps to get where I... Continue Reading →

Backstreet’s Back.

ALRIGHT! Hey! So it's been a rough few months on this old girl. My mental health really took over my motivation and it left me in a scatter-brained hole that left me without words to share for a while. I... Continue Reading →


I sent a link to my best friend to read after I had read through it the other day that was a collection of tweets that were "One indigenous woman's take on the #womensmarch in Washington, in a sea full of... Continue Reading →

BOPO culture vs self. 

When I see these amazing BOPO warriors posting on instagram, their "don't hate the shake" videos and their cellulite Saturday posts I am in awe. In awe of their strength and beauty and self acceptance but somehow I find myself... Continue Reading →

white flag.

Here it goes; my white flag is waving and today I admit defeat. I need help. This is not something I say lightly. Today should have been a joyous occasion, I am finally legally Jodie Leigh Berry. I let go of... Continue Reading →

Comfortably numb. 

The nights like this are hard for me. I can't really describe it with specific terms so much as I can just describe my own level of blue. My anxiety was so bad when I was diagnosed that I think... Continue Reading →

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