I write this as I sit in the breakfast nook in Portland Oregon at the home of my best friend, her husband and her kids. The sun is coming through the window and I am wide awake but everything around me is still. While I wait for 9 people to wake up around me I am enjoying a little bit of the silence to let this all really soak in. 

I poured myself a cup of water and sat down and started to think what the heck am I going to do to fill my time? Then I realized that I don’t NEED to be doing anything. I am content in the quiet for as long as these amazing people need to rest. I am calm and appreciating that before baby berry makes an appearance I got to travel to experience this love filled chaos of having so many people under one roof. 

I have loved these kids for what feels like forever. I have known them from afar as best I can and to have a hug from almost each of them when I surprised everyone sneaking in that front door I realized just how special this chosen family of mine is. Rach and Leo are everything I aspire to be in a parent. The more time I get to know “my people” the more I respect and care for them in a way I didn’t think could possibly grow anymore. It is a scary thing becoming first time parents but in our little world of chosen family I know we have the best support system we could ask for both in blood relatives and chosen. Being related by blood doesn’t excuse people from hurt and judgement and no one is obligated to keep people in their lives no matter how technically related they are. I chose the McCormacks. I chose for them to take up room in my heart and to be part of our lives and I am so lucky that Andrew has grown to love them as much as I do, if not a little more. 

As I hear little feet I am filled with excitement that I get to start a day with family I chose for us to surround ourselves with. There will never be enough words for me to thank them for being our people, never enough words to give them all the love they deserve but I will spend my life trying. I will spend my life being grateful that family means us and family means them and that will never change. 

Thank you for loving us too McCormacks, I am so thankful for all 9 of you. 

Ohana. ❤