Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like. We are pregnant!

Yes we, I didn’t do this on my own.

I wanted to make sure a blog post accompanied our announcement because we both know how early it is to be announcing. People have their “safety” window of 10-12 weeks but I am just a little over 5 weeks. Baby Berry will be joining us end of November from what we know so far.

This blog has the purpose of me talking about the uncomfortable, the “untalkable” things like mental health and eating disorders and low self-esteem. So why would this be any different? People often don’t share their news of a bundle of joy until it feels “safer” to do so and while I totally understand and respect that timeline for expectant parents, if something happens to our little I won’t be keeping it entirely to myself.

I have found so much love and support through this blog I feel like if anything were to happen, it would be an outlet for me to share my experience and my relationship and my struggle etc. so here I am spilling the beans while sitting with a little peppercorn baby growing in my body.

I will be doing a thorough post about this news with more details but for now I want to keep it simple, just say a quick YAY and answer a few questions.

-Yes we were trying, since the beginning of the year ish. (we got lucky!)
-Due in Nov.
-Ultrasound will be the end of April (10 weeks)
-Yes we have names picked (no I won’t tell you)
-Yes we will be finding out the gender
-I feel amazing, tired but other than that my health is awesome, hoping to keep it that way!
-We aren’t hoping for a specific gender
-No cravings yet!
-Currently we refer to the baby lovingly as “Squish”

That should cover some things!

Look for the blog post of me finding out and some reaction details of my hubby soon!