Well, Christmas is over. Are you as permanently full as I am? Yeesh food babies that have food twins of their own. You know what’s pretty awesome though? other than feeling like a bit of an overfed sloth, I don’t regret it. I indulged in treats and big meals and I might have gained ten pounds, who knows?! oh and who cares? NOT ME! What a spectacular feeling. Sure I would be happy being 30lbs lighter if it just fell off don’t get me wrong, I have a problem with my left knee so that might help, but I’m also totally happy with where I am without guilt.

The holidays, no matter what you celebrate, can be a huge trigger. For anyone with an eating disorder, BDD or anything else that is a mental or physical hurdle, congratulations!you made it out the other side. The holidays were often difficult mostly because of guilt for me, how I could regret my family’s cooking I’ll never know. I felt like I had to deserve my meal or I would have to “work it off.” What a world we live in that puts so much focus on the NEED to look a certain way that we don’t allow ourselves simple enjoyment without regret and an over analyzation of fuelling our bodies. We somehow lose the concept that food is fuel, whether it’s a salad or a big slab of pumpkin pie, it’s still fuel for your body. I won’t spend time explaining the science behind it but if you want more info, feel free to send me any questions 😉

There can be a plethora of reasons you in particular want to lose weight, want to eat better, want to get physically fit, whatever. You could have no reason other than why not? I think being healthy and active adds so much to our quality of life we didn’t even realize was missing until we make it a part of our routine and if the right attitude is applied to it, it can be all kinds of beneficial. This leads me to the resolution portion of this post.

When a new year starts, that’s when the resolutions surface. We may roll our eyes at those who feel the need to make them public, we may think to ourselves “oh here come the gym newbies” or maybe we just resent those who might actually succeed when we don’t often stick to our own goals set that first day of a new year. That feeling of a clean slate, that “new year, new me” mentality can be infectious and light a fire under our asses. For some, the goals will be healthy and attainable and well thought through. For others the goals will be drastic, difficult or unhealthy.

While I used to roll my eyes at people who felt that a change needed to start at the beginning of a new year, I’m in a different place about it all now. I believe in the freeing feeling of starting a new year, that feeling of optimism and the future being bright and shiny and new. My husband and I have a lot of goals for the new year and we realize that this past year was a lot about growth and learning and 2017 is going to be about new kinds of growing and adjusting to routine. We are being realistic about smaller changes that will lead to bigger ones, looking at the big picture of small changes and what our end game is for the year. For anyone setting goals, I hope they’re with happiness in mind. I hope if you want to lose weight you get help getting started and start slow and take a healthy route. I hope you never find yourself pursuing a goal with some form of regret included.

I have set goals for myself in the past that made me treat myself poorly, I have let people treat me like I wasn’t worthy of love because they decided I was flawed, I had to let myself be strong and happy and let my life play out while making those choices and they’ve brought me here. 2016 was a rough year for a lot of people, I totally get that but there are some silver linings and I think we get so caught up in the bad we forget to remember them.

My silver linings: Our wedding, A couple of people I adore had babies that I love SO much, My best friend came for a visit, The leafs got Auston Matthews (yeah I said it), The Cubs won the world series and we all got to live to see it, Kid Cudi released new music, We saw Garth Brooks, Muse, GNR and The Struts live, I quit my job and began PY Fitness and this blog, I got much more tattooed, We went to Disney World as Mr. & Mrs and I have found self-love and acceptance.

Before this year is up I hope you find at least one silver lining, take something from this year, don’t ring in 2017 with a sour taste in your mouth. Set goals revolving around enriching your life and filling your life with love and happiness this year, you deserve to love your life, cut the shit that doesn’t allow you to enjoy who you are and all that you will be.