Yep, finally something about fitness for my blog. If you look to Pinterest or Facebook for workout ideas please read this.

Okay so you’ve decided to get in shape, maybe you just want a big ol’ ass and don’t care about much else (trust me when I say it’s not a bad body type to have) or maybe you’ve got a bit of belly fat you would like to do without? Maybe you’re overweight and want to feel more comfortable in clothes (or without them) or maybe you’re just sick of being lethargic and unhealthy. Whatever your reasoning, this post won’t be about finding self-love before discovering exercise routines for yourself, it will be about where to start and some recommendations for different goals etc.

Becoming a Trainer is something near and dear to my heart and the fitness world is something I am proud to be a small part of. People often look at trainers as a pricey way to get yelled at but even if you aren’t local to me I urge you to look into what training with a knowledgeable and motivating support system is really like. There are a multitude of reasons to hire a trainer whether you are just starting out or are extremely experienced and just want a change of pace and to be pushed a little harder. A few reasons to consider seeking guidance from a trainer:

  • Learning correct form
  • Support to keep pushing past the toughest weeks
  • You’ll see results faster
  • They won’t put up with BS
  • You have a booked slot so you drag yourself there more often
  • They challenge you to try new things and push past plateaus
  • They adapt to injuries, discomforts and dislikes to keep it fun

As I sit here and dance in my chair to some throwback playlist I can honestly say having a trainer can be a blast if you really click. My trainer in the past was a singing, dancing, motivational machine and I hope I can be half as fun as he always was while I was basically on the brink of a sweaty panting death. If you’ve worked out with a friend you know what it’s like to have company but to have that company be knowledgeable and creative is a whole other level of awesome.

What initially brought on this whole post is seeing the 30 day squat challenges being posted all over the place, or ab challenges etc. you get the idea of what sparked this. If you haven’t’ seen these floating around here are a couple of examples:


Now you would think that seeing anyone post about exercise would get me pumped up right? Well yeah, sorta. See there is more to exercise than just doing it everyday for a month and getting magical results. There are factors like genetics, nutrition, proper form, intensity, age, gender, medical history, fitness level etc.

I will use the squat challenge as my example, although, there are a bunch of different of the “challenge” types that have you essentially doing a month of the same exercise with no mention of integrating any other movements or healthier eating habits. If your goal is to work on your butt or lose a bunch of body fat, doing an excess of squats everyday isn’t going to get you the results you want especially if you don’t have good squat form. I mostly mention this because if you’re willing to do a quick 30 day challenge, it is less likely you’ll be doing research into form and injury prevention etc.

If you want to start getting fit and losing body fat, the ideal situation is increasing lean muscle and doing strictly one exercise for a month will not give you those desired results, good form or not. Even if your form is PERFECT you’re not gonna keep it for 250 damn squats. If you ever get a workout program that suggests you do that many squats or reps of anything, burn it. Okay so, ignoring the end of the challenge, let’s review that the beginning of the challenge, day effing one, wants you to do 50 squats. Day one you have the potential to hurt yourself, and worst of all, it could be confused for “feeling the burn” and you could continue to aggravate an injury while you keep up with this “challenge.”

Pinterest workouts come from all over the place, people often have pages from e-books pinned not knowing what experience level the exercises are or what goals they are oriented to. I am guilty of pinning workouts but I do it to try some new things, often I will pin a workout purely for one movement variation or a superset I wouldn’t mind trying on my next workout. So while browsing workouts on Pinterest you could be finding some strength programs, some “build a booty” type workouts, some bodybuilding shred routine, etc. so don’t just assume that where your experience level is will work for whatever you find online.

Ab workouts are something else that should be mentioned. I LOVE ab exercises but I never spend an entire workout just doing ab stuff. I’m gonna be really blunt here, working out abs will not give you a toned flat stomach. Like anything else, there are contributing factors and just because you did 500 crunches this month doesn’t mean that you didn’t have 3 kids and weight gain, right? I won’t get into all the factors that contribute to a “flatter tummy” (EYE ROLL) because if they only reason you’re working out is because of some stomach weight, worry about your nutrition before your exercise regime.

So as you know, the flood of motivation for New Years resolutions is coming, it’s almost 2017! If you’re looking to get in shape, reach out and figure out what will work for YOU. Speak to someone about your goals and get motivated and educated. You don’t NEED a trainer to get fit I’ll tell you that but the difference between having one and not having one sometimes is huge. If you’re stuck in a plateau or not sure where to start, don’t go at it alone.

Happy sweating!