Today I wondered if it would even be worth posting a blog because lets face it, everyone’s attention is elsewhere. We are all focused on the terrifying result of the election for the new President of the United States and it’s hard to shift our minds away from it, I know this because I am struggling myself.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not about to spew anything political for this post other than to sympathize with all of those waking up today fearful and questioning the safety of their future. As a young white woman living in Canada with control over my own body, I cannot possibly understand so much of what people are going through today but please understand that I believe in strength and unity and I am sending my love to anyone who may need it today to try to begin healing from this trigger filled election.

Imagine if we all loved ourselves as much as Donald Trump loves Donald Trump? Look where that shit has gotten him. He is the president because he had an attitude of “Hey I’m AWESOME, why the heck not?” which is incredibly unfortunate for the world but let’s be honest it has worked out pretty good for him so far huh? (please note this was intended as slightly humorous and light-hearted, in no way do I support his beliefs or statements)

Now onto the more serious note.

I hope that for those who are troubled by this result you grieve in whatever way you see fit but as you try to heal you realize that you have survived up to this point. The world is a scary place for some every single day and we are getting through it.

To my ladies, I want to remind you that we have to stick together. This is something I have strongly believed in before this election but I feel like right now it needs to be said. We need not let fear control us, we must find the strength to not allow men like this to continuously get away with treating us poorly, we are a forced to be reckoned with as long as we all believe in ourselves and each other.

Personally I know some incredible women whom I would stand behind in a heartbeat and to think how many incredible women there are on this planet gives me so much hope. We spend so much time fighting ourselves and that is why I am trying to do some good with this. I am so far from changing the world but the idea that maybe my words could help someone realize their value give me the warm and fuzzies. I struggle like so many to find joy in everything I am physically and mentally but the days that I do boy, I could move mountains. My wish for anyone reading this is that you realize you are exceptionally worthy of love and forgiveness and that you exist in this world trying to be the good and find the good.

Maybe I don’t have all the right words but I felt compelled to share something that might be able to give at least one person a little bit less anxiety today. Be resilient and have faith that like all other things, you will come out the other side of anything you are going through. You are strong, capable and a force of nature, keep believing in yourself and take a deep breath, you got this.