Let me warn you right off the bat this post may have more profanity than normal, I’m not saying don’t keep reading just brace yourself for it. 

I made a mistake today. A pretty fucking big one that results in a less than desirable mindset. I stepped on the scale this morning out of curiosity but the second it flashed that number at me I was doomed. I’ve spent a lot of time in the past 4 and a bit years working on my body and in turn feeling like I was improving my self worth. That mindset is toxic, not was, is. As mentioned in previous posts I lost approx 66lbs at one point and was still unhappy, losing weight didn’t fix my shit like I hoped it would. 

The scale is a damn liar. It is a useless number that for most people doesn’t do any good. Does losing that extra 5lbs make you smarter? A better parent? No. When you fit into smaller clothes does it make you more competent? Not unless smaller pants add extra IQ points somehow. I won’t spew all the things that can affect your weight in one day but realize that your body can fluctuate due to so many factors that in one day you could gain 5lbs and it could be that none of that is actual body mass. (Do some research on weight fluctuation and you’ll see what I’m talking about!)

Don’t get me wrong, losing weight can be incredibly beneficial, if you’re doing it for the right reasons and doing it in a healthy way. Making your lifestyle healthier doesn’t have to include weighing yourself, ever. If you can weigh yourself and have no positive or negative feelings about a number and not in turn have it affect your mood towards your progress in life, you’re either very well adjusted or a damn liar. 

Mindset is a huge part of being healthy, being active, making lifestyle changes etc. For example new moms, don’t believe that you need to lose the weight because you gained it while growing a human but instead, look at making healthy choices allowing you to live a longer life with your new kiddo. Don’t be ashamed of a new shape your belly may take, that belly had life in it and that is a miracle to be proud of. Most of all, don’t rush yourself! Losing baby weight is not your top priority after giving birth, I can guarantee you that you look stunning. 

We all want to look a certain way but it’s because we are told if we are closer to perfect we will be happier and more successful in life. That is bullshit. Be happy with being alive no matter your shape. One of my favourite sayings I have seen posted is “you are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.” This is how I feel about my approach to training clients, I hope that they all find love in who they are right now while trying to learn new things and be healthier in their always appreciated changing body.

I have stretch marks and love handles and great big thighs, so what? I am still fit, just because I don’t have a 6 pack doesn’t make me less competent in being a personal trainer because I’m not a size 4. The scale produced an intimidating number today that I let get to me and then finally I realized how shitty I was being to myself about it. 

Sure I would love to shed some weight and be able to see the muscle I’ve added on since I was 124lbs but I also want to enjoy candy cane ice cream without weighing it. 

Balance is hard to achieve but it’s also so much more attainable when we sit back and relax a little. You don’t need to workout extra hard because of last nights dinner, I don’t need to have broccoli and chicken for every meal to be happy and I don’t need those smaller jeans to be more of a worthy wife. 

You are worth more than a number on a scale; we all are. Make positive life changes and focus on results that aren’t based off if you pooped today or not.