I have tried to start this blog about 6 different ways. I want to be eloquent and impactful but I am also incredibly impatient when I start writing blogs because chances are that I’ve been inspired by something and then I forget to beef up the writing so it doesn’t sound like a half in the bag chat at a sports bar but alas, here I am in all my glory thinking about pasta and writing as if I’m texting my best friend, you’re welcome.

I will on many occasions in the future talk about support systems and how they can change your entire world, for better or worse, until death claims you in your sleep. (just kidding you might die hang gliding, right?) Tonight I want to put the spotlight on the role of someone who has become family, a sister that has no blood relation, my best friend Racheal.

I won’t do an entire background story on her or how we met because it’s doubtful that is why you’re here reading this. Short summary: her and I function as one childish sarcastic and hilarious mind. She has a family that I absolutely adore and is one of the most inspiring and uplifting people I know and she doesn’t always give herself the credit she deserves.

Okay so why am I putting the focus on her? Dreams. I have so many things I want to accomplish (especially with PY Fitness) and she is always in my corner to bounce ideas off of or tell me how much I rock. If you have a sibling or a best friend or a significant other who whole heartedly believes in your capabilities and your mind then you know how I feel, how that can give us wings. Being surrounded by sassy, inspiring and strong-willed women has done wonders for me in my life so far. I have lots of people to thank for helping me be who I am but today, today we will focus on my biggest (gal) fan.

She inspired this post because of something she wrote the other day that I want to share with you:


And check out that #empoweredtoperiod shirt she had made, if you want to know more follow the link here to buy one of your own and read about all the awesome shit she does! Having someone who is learning to love herself right alongside me is really cool. 

So what the hell does this have to do with self-love and everything else I stand for? It’s because I want to share the importance of having people who believe in what you’re doing, that aren’t afraid to tell you when you’re being a dumbass but also who are uplifting when you need it the absolute most. We all have bad days, bad weeks, arguments etc. and to have support when it is needed can change everything. No matter what goal you are chasing, my wish for you is to have someone along for the ride in some way.

When I was losing weight I had someone in my corner telling me I was amazing no matter what. As I struggled to love this body I am in I had someone to help me smarten up when I needed it. I have had people come and go in my life as I’m sure everyone has but if you have one or a few people or a really kick ass mom, I hope that you cherish them and let them build you up in whatever endeavours you partake in and that you return the favour.

Support in the journey to self-love will be a huge building block for anyone. If you don’t have dependable people in your life it might be time to reassess those around you and know if you ever need someone in your corner I am happy to be on anyone’s cheering squad (unless it’s cheering for a team I hate.) Chances are you will find people in the most curious places sometimes but they could change your entire future. The same goes for being supportive, this can change someone’s life but it can also help you indirectly in your own journey to whatever it may be.

Got a friend who is starting a small business selling something? buy from them! Got a friend that is speaking at an event? Go cheer them on! Does your mom go to a creative writing class? Always ask to read her stuff!

I have had simple things done for me by people who support me that has changed the way I act but also the way I value myself and those close to me. I hope that anyone reading this has that love and support and if you don’t, let’s chat, find a group with a common interest, get a pen pal, try to find that connection with someone who leaves you feeling blessed anytime you reach out to them. Finding someone to love and support you can be the best part of the journey in finding love for yourself.