So I sat at my computer and realized that staring at the screen doesn’t make a blog pop up, huh, who knew? I then was whining to my best friend about how I wasn’t feeling inspired by any blog topics (and let’s be honest I don’t want to BS them) and then it hit me. That in itself is a perfect topic.

A lack of motivation.

I think everyone experiences this often enough that you can probably relate to the concept. Not in a specific sense of working out or anything, just in general sometimes we just don’t want to do things we should be doing or even we aren’t motivated enough to do the things we DO want to accomplish. My list of things I don’t have the energy or motivation for is longer than I care to admit. My list of things I want to accomplish at home, in my career and in my life in general is even longer with no motivation for that either some days.

Let me add in a reminder in case you haven’t read all my blogs up to this point, I was diagnosed with Anxiety this year and although it gave me a lot of answers and allows me to understand why I just assume the sky is falling, it also just plain sucks. I can rationally think about things in my life, this blog for example, and be happy about it and be excited etc. and then I will spend my time after those good feelings deciding that it isn’t making a difference, the quality isn’t good enough to get a regular audience and maybe I should be spending my time more productively somehow.

A lack of motivation on my low days makes me want good things to happen in my life to make things easier on me but the work I would have to put into making them happen is daunting and it seems easier to take a different route or just give up on that dream all together.

This feeling comes up in my attempts at self love often.” Would it just be easier to lose weight and then accept myself then? It would be easier to love myself if I only ate healthy and worked out as often as I know I should. My life would be so much better if I was super thin again!” All these thoughts cross my mind as i’m sure at least one of you can relate to. The problem is, that is all crap. This is a loaded topic for another day but let me say that if you struggle, your life isn’t guaranteed to be better by losing those 10lbs. Maybe your anxiety or outlook would be a bit better but what is your core reasoning? Where is it coming from that your self worth would increase if your weight decreased? I understand it feels like it comes from within us often, but are we doing it because of how we feel or because of our feeling inferior to beauty standards we are trying to meet subconciously?

You’re allowed to want to better yourself and be entirely happy with your body right now at the same time.

I’m a little off track here.

I suppose that’s kind of the point really. We don’t all stay on track all the time, there will be good and bad days no matter what you’re doing. Just know that some days it is alright to just have gotten through the day, not everyday needs to be productive. One foot in front of the other, if today you didn’t supermom but you kept those kids alive and loved them? That’s something to be happy about. Self love isn’t just about accepting your body and how you look, it’s about accepting who you are and your choices and being happy with how you take on life.

But some days it just won’t happen. Some days you will be angry and sad or frustrated or any other emotion and it will just be a bad day {and that’s OKAY.}

Keep moving forward, no one said life would be a straight flat road, learn from the potholes and slow down for the speed bumps.