Hi, I’m Jodie.

I have 5 million things on my mind at a time, many of which are related to my future business endeavours. You know what is always on my mind that I never want to do? a Bio. Whether it be for potential training clients or for this blog or for an Instagram profile etc, it is really easy to talk about ourselves until we want people to actually care. So for now, because I already have blog things I want to say, here is what you get:


I’m 25 (26 in November, birthday cake and handmade gifts are always appreciated), I’m a newlywed and a weirdo furmom. I’m nerdy, sarcastic, driven and I recently found my love for listening to jazz. I have anxiety and self-control issues with desserts and to top it off I’m an aspiring Personal Trainer. Yep, me. Not the typical “I’m ripped let’s get you ripped” trainer; not the kind of trainer that makes you change everything you do and put in your mouth because “it’s a lifestyle” but I want to be the trainer that helps you love yourself before you reach any body composition goals.

I have been super skinny, “overweight” and in between. I have cellulite, stretch marks, problems finding pants and a weird look on my face when I try on a bikini. I will do a full background post on my weight journey at a later time but mostly what you need to know is I’m a work in progress. I don’t mean my weight.. I mean my ability to love myself; not loving myself despite a list of society determined flaws, I just mean waking up and feeling like a badass with big thighs that can lift weights and enjoy pizza in the same afternoon. I have spent my entire life being like most women, living in a world of scrutiny and letting that lack of acceptance determine who I try to be and how I look. So in the last couple years I have said screw that and screw them.

PY Fitness (Positively You) is my dream. My dream of being in the fitness industry and promoting self-love and health before promoting bikini bodies and low body fat percentages. In all honesty, maybe I’m way over my head or maybe my wish for this to be a success is just me having my head in the clouds but you know what? I want to try to make this something I can share and be proud of and maybe change a life. You know a big reason I’ve thought about doing this? Daughters and Sons. We want to have kids someday and I want them to feel as amazing as we will think they are; chubby belly or big legs or scars or whatever the world may try to tell them is wrong with them, I want them to be able to tell the world to suck it because they are incredible and they know it.

We all are.

Be fat, be skinny, be a vegan, eat 5 steaks, run, nap, I don’t care. Love yourself because flaws are only flaws if you see them that way. Today I had chocolate cake for breakfast and I’m wearing boxer briefs as shorts with the punisher logo on them and I feel awesome.

If you skimmed this for whatever reason, please read this part. Life can be really hard, people can be harsh and no matter your gender, race, beliefs, sexuality, whatever; you’re doing something wrong according to someone else. Live for you, don’t starve yourself for your wedding dress, don’t dye your hair because someone thinks you should go darker or lighter, don’t put makeup on if you don’t want to, if you wanna wear an hours worth of glitter makeup, do it. Life can be too short, don’t spend your days being someone else; fall in love with someone who brings out your silly side, workout if you want to, be good to yourself always. You deserve it.

I guess this first post is a bit of a ramble but I wanted to just open the computer and talk about my love for these ideas I have and maybe get a couple of people on board along the way. I want to someday do school seminars on self-love, classes on health and fitness, discuss everything in-between. I want to run positive gym experiences and boot camps with self-love built into the workouts and have kids involved and I want to promote body positive living in both men and women. In the future I will have more organized thoughts and posts, I will be asking for guest posts about their self-love journeys and whatever else so forgive me this time around. This time I’m just letting my ramblings go.

alrighty then.